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LATITUDE (North/South)

Out of laziness this form only checks for a valid date for the given month (inc. leap year exceptions).
If you get a white error page, use the back arrow as you entered bad data. No warning is given if you mix a western longitude with a positive time zone (in the case of France you may need to do this).
Note on the New Year

The birth symbol you are about to calculate will be according to the solar calendar. The New Year therefore commences not in February (as per the Chinese lunar calendar) but with the Winter Solstice which occurs a few days before the end of the previous (western) year. 

This explains why the yearly "elementary" values (EARTH, METAL ...) for births in January and (part of) February will differ from what you are familiar with. You are simply in a new year already according to the solar reckoning! This small discrepancy brings to mind Buddha's reminder of not confusing the map with that sought by means of the map.

Five prerequisites to calculating a Yin Yang Horoscope

Birth time including hour The exact minute of birth is not important. If you have an approximate notion, like "sometimes after three in the afternoon", then enter 15:15. (Note the 24 hour format.) Had it been "half past three" you would probably have remembered that! If you only have an "around three in the afternoon" to go by, use 15:00.

DO NOT attempt to subtract Daylight Saving Time (DST, Summer Time) at this point, you will indicate the use of such later!

Time zone (TZ) This is for converting the time of Winter Solstice from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, also called UT, Universal Time) to your local time zone. Enter negative hours for time zones West of Greenwich. Some examples: -8 for a birth in California, -5 for New York State. Enter positive hours to the West. Births in Central Europe (using CET) would be (+) 1 hour relative to GMT.

Establishing the time of local Winter Solstice is important because the commencement of the Chinese months are calculated from it. Even though one month instantly changes into the next, every now and then a birth date demands the accurate time zone for the resulting horoscope to be the right one.

The calculation of the local Winter Solstice and the commencement of the 12 months is accurate to a quarter-hour and most years considerably less than that. Since this is not a case of rocket science, this degree of precision has been found sufficient. At any rate, it is more precise than in China when this system first saw the light of day.

Daylight Saving Time (DST) YOU MUST KNOW whether it is a case of a birth during DST! If so, one (1) hour has usually been included in the recorded birth time. If you don't select the appropriate offset, you will receive the wrong birth omen! If born shortly after midnight the subtraction of DST may result in a true local birth date during the very end of the previous day!

Please note that the DST offset option should also be used in cases of War Time, which actually amounted no more than permanent DST being in effect during World War 2. Extremely rarely this may cause a birth on January 1st, just after midnight, to become a birth on December 31st the preceding year! Certain other adjustments during the calculation may lead to similarly unexpected corrections, but the result is the needed true local time of birth.

Unusual example of simultaneous DST and WarTime: For rock star Mick Jagger, who was born in the UK during DST Summer 1943 when also WarTime was in effect, a 2 hour DST must be indicated.

Longitude If you don't have a map at hand, you may wish to consult (opens in a new window) which has an impressive Atlas tool for finding the longitude for lots of cities worldwide.

Find out the birthplace longitude, Eest or West of Greenwich, England (which is zero degrees. There are sixty minutes to each degree of longitude so if you are born at, say, 14:29 West, round it out to 14 degrees. If, on the other hand, the birthplace is located at 14:31 West round it out to the next whole number, 15 degrees. If it is precicely 14:30 (that is, 14½ degree), do as you will! Slight imprecisions won't seriously affect this type of horoscope.

Latitude Look up the birthplace on a map and make sure its latitude is North of the Equator. Should it be to the South, calculations are not "officially supported" although a visitor assured me in no uncertain terms he has obtained absolutely (to his mind) valid results. After trying out the late singer Freddie Mercury's birttime (born in Zanzibar, South of the Equator) I am inclined to agree.

As it turned out, he received the same birth symbol as Liberace, another glamorous star known for being a poseur and for having had an excessive lifestyle! Overinterpreting the omens is easy, but the hexagram in question surely does describe someone entering a stage and overshadowing it completely. Although the original text refers to an officiating high priest or even the Emperor himself, is this not roughly equivalent to the superstars showing off in a materialist society as the western? (Their common symbol is Kuan, hexagram 20, line 5, for those interested in contemplating these matters further.)

So, for calculating births in the Southern hemisphere you may just leave the value of latitude in its default position.

The exception to the rule:

In certain places in the world there have been deviations from the standard time zones. Hawaii, for instance, during a number of years (in the 1930's) had the time zone 10.5 hours that would require an extra adjustment to bring the birth data into alignment with the closest standard time meridian. For a preview, experiment with adding or subtracting an extra TZ hour to see whether this will lead to different birth horoscopes. Then you'll know what birth symbol will result.

In this astrology the character Ch'ien (dry) represents pure Yang or masculinity

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In this astrology the character K'un (moist) represents pure Yin or feminity